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Here you can find some info about may-be-useful programs have written by me:

XSD Config Section Generator

I've personally found very useful to provide XSD scheme along with my own config sections, as therefore Visual Studio could check cofig file correctness, provide on-the-fly hints etc. On the other hand it is quite boring to maintain XSD scheme and .cs file on the same time, so I've wrote this utility to simplify maintenance. xsd2cs.exe takes xsd file (in theory, it could be arbitrary XML Schema, provided that you're able to build meaningful configuration file against it), and build corresponding C# file to read this section. All the classes are generated as "partial" so could be easily extended. XSD Config Section Generator on CodePlex.

MS Sql Scriptor

Sql Scriptor is intended to automatically creation of stored procedures' texts as well as C# wrapper classes by the RDBMS structure. You have to install .NET framework 1.0. in order to use Sql Scriptor. MS Sql Scriptor Page on SourceForge.

PHP SSI Counter

When making the site, I've realised that the simple and lightweight hits counter is needed. First of all, it has to work with plain text file (instead of databse); and work thru SSI, so you can't use cookies to track visitors. I haven't find such a script at the Internet; so I have to write it by myself. If you're interested in - take a look on PHP SSI Counter source or download a zipped file. It's licensed under the BSD license terms.

There are some 3rd-party sites using my counter:

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